Hi! I'm Andrea Collins and I am a major voiceover artist, coach and creator of the successful Voiceover Profit Project Masterclass.

I work with a lot of sexy brands! Google Home, Diet Pepsi, Dove, iHeartRadio, HBO, you name it! I took my VO income from $400 a month to 15k, in a matter of 3 months.

3 months!? And I can help you learn how to do the same.

I got into coaching after a few bad experiences myself ... and ohhhh boy, let me tell you about them below.

Just like you, I was looking to grow my skills as a VO artist and finally start making real moolah in the industry.

But here is what I found ...

After a few bad experiences I realized there are a lot of dishonest people out there!

Have you noticed that so many experts have dated websites, and resumes from the past?? It's crazy! And it made me think ...

What can these coaches teach me that's relevant for today's VO world?

And the answer was - not much.

You need someone who can help you polish your sound and skills and provide you with insider knowledge on how to dominate the online voiceover marketplace through auditioning, building a client list, creating a captivating online profile and more.

What you learn in The Voiceover Profit Project is the equivalent of 4-5 sessions with me for under the price of two.

Let's work together - so we can getcha making money and building a name for yourself in the VO world, fast.

Honestly, I wish someone had told me all this stuff YEARS AGO.

Yours in VO,


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